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Zoom in on Emotionally Focused Therapy

with Host and ICEEFT Trainer Robin Williams Blake

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Healing Attachment Injuries with the Attachment Injury Resolution Model

with ICEEFT Certified Trainers

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Drs. Leanne Campbell and James Hawkins

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Dr. Leanne Campbell

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Dr. Leanne Campbell is co-director of the Vancouver Island Centre for EFT and Campbell & Fairweather Psychology Group and is an Honorary Research Associate of Vancouver Island University. Although best known as a couple therapy until recently, individual and family therapy have always been a part of the EFT model and were integral to Dr. Campbell's training with Dr. Sue Johnson in the early 1990s. Dr. Campbell has continued to work in the EFT model since that time, and has provided psychotherapy services to hundreds of individuals, couples, and families over the past three decades.
Known for her expertise in the area of trauma, Dr. Campbell also has provided hundreds of psychological assessment reports for forensic/legal and personal injury matters being considered before various levels of Courts. She is regularly called upon to provide expert opinion surrounding Canadian Forces Base, Veterans Affairs Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ RCMP (and other first responder) cases, as well as psychological evaluations for various insurance companies and bodies involved in adjudicating personal injury and other trauma-based claims.
In addition to maintaining an active and full-time private practice, with a primary focus in the areas of trauma, grief and loss, Dr. Campbell currently co-managers a two-site practice comprised of over 20 clinicians and is a site co-ordinator for an Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) outcome study.
An active ICEEFT certified trainer, Leanne has been providing trainings in EFT over the past 20 years and has similarly been involved in the development of various training materials including training DVDs, on-line educational/training programs, books, workbooks and articles.

Dr. James Hawkins

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Dr. James Hawkins, "Doc Hawk, is a Licensed Counsellor with 11-years of experience and an ICEEFT certified trainer, supervisor, and therapist. He gained a Master's in Marriage and Family Counselling and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling. He currently serves as a Clinical Coordinator at a non-profit counselling practice in Northwest Arkansas. James is the founder of Healing Conversations, a training program developed to equip organizations and communities to have productive conversations about race. He is the co-host of two podcasts, The Leading Edge in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and The Leading Edge: Transforming Leadership Through Attachment Science. James a part of the online training program,, developed to help EFT therapists and supervisors gain more focus in their clinical work. Doc Hawk brings a passion for helping individuals, couples, families, and communities in relational distress. James is married to his wife, Nicola and together they have five daughters.

Zoom in on EFT Host Robin Williams Blake

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With a passion for EFT and a desire to have it reach mental health practitioners in remote areas where EFT certified trainers seldom held workshops, Robin hosted his first Zoom in on EFT, 12 -hour Workshop in April of 2019, almost one year before the pandemic. Now 2 years and 7 workshops later, and having reached over 400 clinicians worldwide, Robin is happy to be hosting Healing Attachment Injuries with the Attachment Injury Resolution Model with Dr. Leanne Campbell and Dr. James Hawkins.

Robin is a registered psychotherapist and a ICEEFT certified trainer, supervisor and therapist. Presently he is a faculty member in the graduate program for Sir Wilfrid Laurier University where he teaches EFT Externships and Core Skills as well as serves as a guest speaker in their continued education program. In the past few years Robin has taught EFT at York University in their graduate social work program as well as been invited by Mount Sinai Hospital to present in their level two trauma clinic. Robin is a former adjunct faculty member for the Living Institute of Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy where he taught an introduction to EFT for 4 years. Robin was pleased to be asked by Dr. Sue Johnson , the lead developer in EFT, to become a trainer for the International Centre for Excellence in EFT. Robin trains EFT in Fredericton, Cambridge, York Region, and Toronto and is pleased to add Edmonton to his list of Canadian cities this fall. He is the co-founder of the Toronto Centre for Emotionally Focused Therapy and has been a director for the TCEFT since 2005. Robin has been in private practice in Toronto for 20 years where he sees individuals, couples and families with adult children using the EFT model as well providing EFT consultation to psychotherapists working towards EFT certification.

Early Bird before February 15th $470 (CANADIAN)

Full Fee after February 15th $ 495 (CANADIAN)

Provincial sales tax included where applicable based on location of purchase.

Early Bird

Zoom in on Healing Attachment Injuries

EFT Certified Supervisor's Discount $300 (CAN)

Supervisor's Discount - Zoom in on Healing Attachment Injuries

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this workshop.

Prerequisite: EFT Externship

Please contact Becky Fougere if you have any questions.

For any concerns regarding this training please contact ICEEFT Trainer Robin Williams Blake.

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